Breda Chiron semi automatic shotgun

Breda Chiron semi automatic shotgun
Breda Chiron semi automatic shotgun Breda Chiron semi automatic shotgun
Brand: Breda
Product Code: Chiron
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Price: £899.99


~ The only semi-auto shotgun that is completely made from steel, yet incredibly light (as light as a semi-auto made from alloy)
~ Inertial movement system combined with Breda's superior block-locking system, combining simple functionality with a high level of safety
~ Simple to operate, a cartidge cut off system that is fast and quick
~ Breda Fast Loading System - load the next cartridge from the magazine whilst the bolt is open simply by pressing the base of the cartridge. From bolt open to ready to shoot in a few tenths of a second!
~ Easy to unload cartridges from the magazine
~ Breda's renowned steel barrels, made from the highest quality steel
~ Polymer stock, adjustable cheek piece
~ Special rubber coating, improving grip in rain and ice

From the genius of Mr. Civolani, who is the father of the traditional inertial semiauto, the Xanthos is considered by many to be the ultimate evolution of this system. The Xanthos concept merges Breda's enormous engineering know-how with the result being a hugely innovative shotgun, unique in its mechanics and its design.

Having the same Xanthos system, the Chiron is a gun intended for the toughest of uses in the most difficult terrains and the harshest of weather conditions.

Gauges available

Barrel lengths available


Recoil Pad

Breda steel, drilled from bars


Supplied with 5 choke tubes and gun case








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